JUZ macht Druck - in 3D! (JUZ applies pressure – in 3D!) (EN)

In a participatory process, two 3D printers were purchased at the Youth Centre (JUZ). Together with young people, usage options were then developed. On the one hand they can use the 3D-printer as an independent open service and on the other hand it can be part of other offerings in the Youth Centre.




JUckt´Z Rimpar – Association for working with children and youth as part of the Markt Rimpar e.V., in short KiJuRim

Target group

Children and young people visiting the youth centre.


It’s about sharing the experience that you can use digital tools to realize your own ideas. 3D printing makes this graspable in the truest sense of the word. In addition, a low-threshold access to digital tools is made possible, since the technology is always on site and peers act as „experts“. It is also an attempt to place a part of the work in the JUZ in the hands of the young people. It will also be observed how 3D printing affects other areas of work.


Stimulated by a Maker-Workshop, young people from the youth centre initiated the purchase of 3D printers. This could be realized by a support program of the Bavarian Youth Ring. A special feature of the approach is that it focuses strongly on the participation and commitment of the young people. The central principles are peer learning and self-organization. The young people are supported and accompanied by the local social educator and the media consultant responsible for the district. Through this, impulses are given at common meetings and goals for the work of the young people are being developed continuously.


The young people have founded a „core group“ for the planning, purchase, commissioning and maintenance of the equipment and have given themselves usage rules. During the planning phase, they already thought long term and purchased two printers:

  • one is fully assembled and ready for immediate printing,
  • one for assembling and screwing to get to know the technology and optimize it in the future.

This guarantees that printing is always possible and that there is a reason to get to grips with the technology and to be able to repair and optimise it yourself.

The task of the core group after commissioning is to familiarise other young people with printing technology, to teach them about software programs, to draw attention to websites for 3D artwork and to ensure compliance with the rules and regulations. This means that young people can contact members of the core team at any time if they want to print something and need help. The team is supervised by a member of the JUZ.


The youth centre provided the space for 3D printing and had the electrics and table construction made according to the plans of the young people. The young people helped with the renovation work. A table construction was chosen, which is only connected to the wall and not to the floor, in order to allow undisturbed printing.

The funds came from the media programme of the Bavarian Youth Ring (Bayerischer Jugendring) and the municipality of Rimpar (Marktgemeinde Rimpar).  The honorary staff was assembled from the ranks of older adolescents.

Feedback & Evaluation

The young people rate the project as a good offer to be able to use the technology at any time. The fact that the printers are in their administration is also well received and strengthens their self-confidence. The „digital nerds“ in the youth centre suddenly have an important function and are active in the „core team“. This is how digital skills become visible and valued.

The idea was selected by the selection committee of the Bavarian Youth Ring (Bayerischer Jugendring) as an innovative approach to youth work.


The printers trigger creative processes in some young people. Digital technology is a natural and visible part of the youth centre, which can be creatively experimented with.

The first spontaneous ideas from the general work („we must make the place tidier“) could also be implemented with the help of the 3D printer (as shown in the film, holders for controllers were printed out to allow the gaming equipment to be stowed away).


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