Mockumentary film project (EN)

A film project by JUST Wienerberg, a youth club in the 10th district in Vienna, located close to a large local recreation area called Wienerberg. There a several stories and myths around Wienerberg, which are potentially intimidating and scary for young people. But: what's behind those stories? Are they fake news? Two youth worker started a film project with youngsters from the youth club, they created a mockumentary (movie + documentary)...




JUST Wienerberg, Youth centre (Association Viennese youth centres)

Target group

Young people between the ages of 9 and 19 who were attending the youth centre and were interested in the film project.

Development and goals

In the neighbourhood of the youth centre JUST Wienerberg there is the local recreation area called Wienerberg. All around this area there are rumours and myths that are potentially intimidating and frightening: violent crimes, dangerous animals,… . For some young people and their parents, Wienerberg is therefore a no-go area, according to a social area analysis by the youth centre.

What is behind these rumours and myths? Are the stories real? Fake News? The JUST team reacted to this fear-laden situation with the mockumentary film idea. A mockumentary (word composition from „movie“ and „documentary“) allows to play with the border between reality and fiction. A chance to look into the origins of the existing rumours and myths and to explore them. The film project created the opportunity to get to know the area with the young people and to get to the bottom of the stories.


The youth centre team started the mockumentary film project with a flexible timeframe and resource framework, finally the project lasted six months. In the spirit of open youth work, the film work was open to all interested young people. It was important that young people were able to participate corresponding to their own resources throughout the entire production period: Some were involved throughout the project, some only for two hours. Some lost interest, others joined because they observed the work on the film in the youth centre. At first, there were team meetings to examine the topic in more detail, then many work steps ran in parallel: walks on Wienerberg with the camera, interviews with passers-by, writing songs for the film, recording, narrative voice recording, editing,…).


The young people had fun exploring new things, acting with the camera, making music. They understood that filmmaking is teamwork and it takes a lot of energy and endurance: From the first team meeting to the premiere, at which the finished film “The Wienerberg Files” and all participants were celebrated, half a year has passed.


The media project motivated young people to get to know different aspects of film production. The work on the mockumentary also strengthened the young people on a personal level: e.g. by interviewing people you lose the shyness to talk to strangers – a microphone in your hand is a good opportunity to get in touch with people!

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