Vernericast - Podcasts in church youth work (EN)

Vernericast is a podcast for and by young people, hosted by the Evangelic lutheran parish of Nakkila.




Finnish Evangelical Lutheran church, Nakkila parish

Target group

Teens, 15-20-year-olds


The idea was to offer a platform for teens to speak out their minds about issues close to them. In this particular approach, we used podcasts as the chosen medium.


The practice originated from a youth worker’s interest, and teens took on that. The method is continuously being redeveloped, and we have tried, for example, recording an episode in different locations. The challenge we now face is to get new people with whom to continue this project.


We do a weekly recording that starts with a conversation about what themes the young people attending want to discuss in the podcast. Then we would record our show (20-30 min), and I edit and upload the finished episode.


Any recording device and a computer for editing. We use a free software called Audacity for editing. Finished episodes can be uploaded onto any suitable platform; we currently use youtube even though the podcast is audio only.


The feedback has been positive but relatively mild. It seems Finnish people, in general, tend only to give feedback when there is something wrong. Teens that have done the podcast liked it a lot, and that is, of course, the most valuable feedback for us.


Not in any specific way. We tend to talk about our experiences and take what we can from that to evaluate our work.


It has created a good social vibe between the podcasters, and it has given material for our YouTube channel. Podcasters often say that a weekly recording session gives them new insight into the topic we discuss.